Adidas Dynamic Pulse Eau de Toilette 100ml Spray



The true sport brand for men and women, offering the best and most complete personal care line to be at your best 24/7/365 in any situation. Whether you like, love or live sports, adidas Body Care unlocks your full potential. Get ready. Inspired by the sensations felt during an intense sport sessions, adidas Dynamic Pulse recalls the heat that invades the body during exercise and the pounding surge of the heart in the ears. This fresh fragrance opens with an aromatic green explosion of rosemary and cedar leaves, enveloped in an ozonic atmosphere. Elegant lavandin and thyme interlace in the heart, boosted by the juicy accents of green apple. The comfortable musky and woody patchouli base sets the rules for the in-motion masculinity, revealing the sensual and addictive power of the scent. Created for the dynamic men full of self-confidence, adidas Dynamic Pulse Eau de Toilette provides a burst of vitalising power after a tough workout session.

adidas Dynamic Pulse is a fresh, aromatic fragrance. Featuring citruses and spices it is great for daytime wear.


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